Nov 14, 2008

7 things about me

Hmm..been tagged by 2 fellow bloggers. I haven't never done this before. I hope I get this right.

Here's 7 things I can roughly think of that many do not know about me:

1. I am allergic to chocolates, preservatives, additives. And also to metals, rust and cats!
2. I have learn to play the piano since I was a kid. But pass till Grade 3 I think. Then drop out because I got lazy. But I can still play the piano. I don't have a piano at home..I play the one at my mom's place.
3. I was an ace in swimming when I was in Secondary school. Always come in first and represented my school against Cedar Girls Secondary school.
4. I am good in Arts, in drawing, in painting, in clay modelling and got an A for that in my O levels for Clay modelling. My whole family(maternal side) are all good artists.
5. I am a home body, I rather stay at home than to go out. Thus I do not eat out often. Don't know what is good or where has good food. I will only go out unless I really have to.
6. I only started seriously cooking when I got married. Before that, I can't even boil water properly. Trust me on that!
7. I like to do things randomly and won't sit still. One moment I may test out 4 to 5 recipes at one go, next moment I may just mould fondant just for fun. Before culinary, I spent alot of time drawing by pencil and paper. I love to draw animals and nature, of surroundings and life in general. I am to tag the other bloggers.

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