Nov 26, 2008

My kitchen

When we were looking for a new home in early 1994, we knew what we wanted. Or at least I know what I wanted. I wanted a bigger kitchen to store all my things. I want space and a bigger stove because I tend to cook more than 3 dishes for each meal. But I never planned it for baking. Mainly because I am not so much of a baker. I preferred to cook than to bake. So when we saw this apartment, we quickly sign a check deposit to buy it.

My kitchen looks out to the carpark and you can get a glimpse of the road and the river. Its the brightest and the most windy part of the house. It stretches 20 feet by 10 feet. It has a toilet at the back and a utility room next to it. We had it knocked down and converted it into a small storeroom to put more of my other stuff.

I loved to have a kitchen with wide open spaces where I could walk in and out freely without having to give way to others. So it was made with cabinets near the wall.

The fridge was nearest to the door and it had no obstruction in terms of cabinets enclaving it. It was literally 'free'. That space was made to last for a lifetime, should I decide one day that I needed a big door to door fridge, I would have the space to put it.

Since I stayed so close to nature's gift of greenery and River, I had to make sure all my kitchen gadgets and tools are stainless steel and won't rust as the river flows out to the sea up north.

Over time, I moved things in and around the kitchen, bought new stuff, threw some out. And surprisingly I still have room for a few more big gadgets under the stove or in the storeroom!

Because the kitchen was not built for baking in mind, I had to build 2 cabinets in the dining room to store all my baking tools and ingredients. This cabinet sits directly under the wine cabinet.


Passionate About Baking said...

Ooh...I spotted your white KA. It's still so white after all those cooking & baking? :p I wouldn't have chosen white! Heehee...;)

gina said...

Jane, the KA I had is the high end model. only comes in one colour which is white. I have no choice. I like white, so I guess its okay. I also got the KA Artisan Blender. That one only comes in Red or Chrome. The chrome colour one is $100 more. Features are the same, only colour different. So I had to choose RED. I don't want to pay extra for chrome.

Yan said...

very spacious kitchen you've got there .....
and of coz, nice and neat too....


Anonymous said...


it seems that you don't have much counter after each cooking, where and how you scoop up your dish from the wok?

but i got to say you are very neat.


gina said...

Yan, I wasn't such a clean and neat freak before I got married. When I started my first home, I became one. I can't stand untidiness for some unknown reason. I get a headache seeing things lying everywhere. :(

Jonie, yes, I don't have much counter top space. but there is space next to the stove..I just pour my food from wok to plate and serve at the dining table outside. But I work very fast on the stove. I can whip up 4 dishes in half an hour, washing and cleaning the wok after each dish.