Nov 16, 2008

Darling, Happy Anniversary

My hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary quietly. No dinners, no special messages of "I Love You" or presents of any kind. We believed in loving and caring for each other daily, every moment, every second, every minute and hour. I remembered that old song by the late Jim Reeves that goes like this:

Darling, Happy Anniversary
Another year of love has gone by
Thank you for each day you give to me
My darling, happy anniversary

We were married on 12th November 1988. So it makes this year our 20th year of wedded bliss. I was out of town this time. So a week before I left for China, Hubby bought live crabs and we cooked and ate till we had nothing in our tummy except crabs.

When our girls are born, we may have celebrated in a small way. With kids in tow, going for dinners outside. But it was never a big thing. From young, our girls never noticed about wedding anniversary, only birthdays. But they grew up watching us fight over petty issues and things and learnt that even adults quarrelled too. But we make up really fast and forgive each other soon after.

Since I was in China this time round, I msn-ed my 2 daughters and told them to draw up a card to wish their daddy a Happy Birthday. Hubby's birthday was on 13 November, a day after our wedding anniversary.

Instead, my girls both got up early and made him breakfast while mummy was in the airport in another country. Melody made a ham and cheese sandwich, while her elder sis, Natasha made a healthy potato salad. It was a wonderful thing they did for their father.

When I got back to Singapore, the whole family came to fetch me. And he brought us out for dinner. He knew what I liked, and he only orders seafood.

So here it is again, hubby dearest:

Happy Anniversary
And thank you for each day of love and care you have given to me...

This photo was taken in 1987...a year before our wedding. at my mom's place.


Passionate About Baking said...

That was really sweet. Words cannot describe such wonderful gestures. :))

Cookie said...


Now I see what you mean by your statement "married to a wonderful man"!

You are a wonderful couple!

Happy Anniversary!