Nov 30, 2008

Wishing you a safe journey

Yesterday, I did a private baking and cake decoration class at home to a family of 2 sisters and 2 nieces. They learn to whip and beat up eggs, flour and butter and made 3 different cakes in 2 different shapes. Two cakes were baked in a round pan and a Lemon Fairy Cake was baked in a cupcake liner.

They also got a chance to try out various ways to pipe fresh cream, and to decorate a full cake.

It was a whole day affair starting from 9:30am till 4pm. I also taught them to cook Guangzhou Fried Rice and served them with Korean Ginseng Chicken soup and a sprinkle of my home made Bai Mi Jiu(Chinese Rice Wine).

Then the sisters told me their brother is still stuck in Thailand and hopefully to be able to catch the next flight back to Singapore yesterday. They decided to put their skills together and decorated a cake for their brother/uncle's safe return to Singapore.

And thus, the words on the cake showed "Welcome Home", piped freehand without any templates or guides by one of the nieces. Overall, I was very happy that they could show off a fully decorated cake to the family as a welcome home reunion dinner. To the ladies, it was their first time handling fresh cream, piping, and even handling a spatula with a revolving cake stand.

Before they left for the day, I treated them with my home made Starfruit wine and also gave them a bottle to bring home for the family to try.

And here's wishing their brother/uncle a safe journey home...


Sandra said...

Gina, found this page.
Take a look, it shows cake deco .....

chumpman said...

The cake looked good and the most important is, it gave a feeling of 'home, sweet home'