Nov 27, 2008

Back in SHAPE!

Shape Magazine Singapore has ask me once again to create some recipes for their year end issue. This time, the criteria was :

Canned food. I must use various types of canned food to create healthy meals for the busy women. I have created 3 recipes namely the Mini Bread Cups, Mushroom Pot and the Fruit Cocktail salad. Actually, what it is was I improvised the same recipes I had by using canned food.

Go get a copy of the December 2008 issue of Shape Magazine and turn to 128..full recipes and photos too. Here's a glimpse of it.


xan said...

congrats gina! ok will go out & grab a copy! i'm very touched with what u did for your FIL. this would certainly add merits to your karma if u're a buddhist :)

Cookie said...

Gina, For a second I thought you have magic recipe to lose some weight! haha.

Will surely get a copy of the magazine!


gina said...

Xan, Thanks. No karma for me as I stored my riches with Jesus in Heaven. :)

cookie..hahaha..I am still trying to lose weight too.!