Dec 10, 2008

Eat, Drink and be Happy!

We hosted a hi tea buffet for our students. *we are Kitchen Capers and Chef Secrets Cooking Studio. It was fun, new friendship were made, and students had the chance to spend time to mingle with each other and with us. When most of time they come for our cooking or baking class and hurried home.

We also had lucky draw for everyone and my daughter, Melody helped to pick out the winners and Amy (co-owner of Chef Secrets Cooking Studio) gave out the prizes.

Judging for the smiles and laughter, it shows that the students are happy with the prizes they got. We had allocated 5 top prizes worth S$60 each with 1 Silicone Bundt Pan, 1 Silicone Sunflower pan, 1 set of Cookie Cutters, 1 Kitchen Capers Apron, and a $10 Training Voucher which they can redeem when they come for our classes. For the consolation prizes, we had given Disney cup, a Kitchen Capers Apron, a set of Cookie Press with 4 different piping tips, 4 cookie shapes.

Amy and I cooked and baked some 12 different dishes from Asian to Western cuisine. Here's the spread of food we had. For Asian cuisine we had Pickled Ginger, Pickled Bittergourd, Steamed Vegetarian Pau, Indonesian Mee Siam, Water Chestnut dessert(pan fried), Hokkien Ju Bee P'ng and Yam Kueh. And for Western cuisine we had Donuts, Shepherd's Pie, Quiche Lorraine, Banana Crumble Pie, Sugee Cake with Cointreau, Hazelnut and Sesame seeds cake, Rose Cookies(made from Real Roses), Kueh Bangkit, Horlicks Doggie cookies and also we had Rose Fizz Cocktail.

Many had seconds, and many ask for another buffet again. They loved the food, the company and of course the prizes too. We might do this again next year, most likely in April.

Thank you everyone who came and supported us in this buffet.

And lastly, when everyone has left..its time to clean up. My sweet little daughter Melody is seen here helping the dear old lady to mop the whole kitchen.

This elderly lady was one of the assistants who came to help us to cook and wash up.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Adeline H aka Yuri for her help on the eve of the buffet. She came to help me to bake. I told her I only stir the cream, she made the pie crust, folded and kneaded into shape and form and baked the Quiche Lorraine.


Cookie said...

Gina, My family and I certainly enjoyed the good food! Wished I had been less shy to chat with the fellow bloggers =p

Thanks for all your hard work in feeding us well.


Carrie said...

Hi Gina,

Wow, your daughter is such a good girl helping out to mop the floor! I bet you must be v.proud of her!

Actually I wanna go to this buffet outing as well, but too bad, it clashes with my common test period! But trust me, next year (april), I'll definity sign up for it!!! The whole event looks so fun, but provided it don't clashes with anymore of my tests! Hehehe