Dec 26, 2008

We wish you the merriest..

There was an Advertising tune for Heineken beer last year that goes like this:

We wish you the merriest, the merriest
The merriest, YES, the merriest
We wish you the Happiest, the happiest
And the happiest NEW Year

Here's the youtube ad I found

For days, we couldn't get that tune out of our heads and I often heard my daughter singing it.

OK, I may have got the wrong spelling here..but that was how it sounded like.

I baked 3 more Chocolate swiss rolls cakes and had it decorated for our neighbours. Its something I do every year for them. And wishing them the Happiest and the Merriest New Year!

And here's to all who frequents my blog, read and gave your kind comments. A Merriest and the Happiest NEW CHEER to you too!


bakeAstory said...

Blessed Christmas!

THanks for sharing your touching little snippets of life.

Florence said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.