Dec 18, 2008

Sad to part

My old faithful iMac went to heaven yesterday. I bought it when I was still working for Batey Singapore. It served me very well for almost 8 years and outlived its expectancy of 5 years.

Thankfully, old faithful still starts up and I was able to back up all my emails, files, and web creations. My hubby was told of it and he came home to fetch me to Funan Centre. He got me a new iMac.

And I had to junk old faithful this morning. But I kept the keyboard, mouse and also the Bose speakers because it was still in working order.

Now I have a new iMac G5 that comes with a 20inch LCD screen which also houses the CPU, DVD and the full works. I need to re-adjust my chair and my view. Everything is now so darn big! But soon I will forget old faithful..because this new iMac works 10x faster. Every camera picture downloads in a flash.

This was old faithful..the now extinct domed shape iMac

And this is more like Eve from Wall•E the movie

Incidentally, I think Wall•E is run on OS X...that startup it had sounds so familiar!


Cookie said...

Hey Gina,

You know what...I have the same iMac. mine also 7~8 years old liao. Luckily, still alive and kicking!

I love my imac for its reliability & speed... it takes only seconds to load hundreds of photos. Also, it has never once hang or clash in the past 7-8 yrs! If only my office computer are built on the same platform, it would have saved all the headaches.


Fanny Wijaya said...

Hello Gina, my old laptop also broken when i drop it a year ago. I buy new one immediately. And fortunately, the old one is still working properly till now. I've been use it since 2001, kinda sad to dump it, so i still keep and use it everyday, since my new one running window vista which is very veryyyy slow.

gina said...

cookie, I use my iMac for 8 hours a day,every other day. that's how I kill it sooner. if you go work, come home to spend a few hours on it, it will last longer. :)

fanny, most laptops are made to take shock. so if you drop it, it will still work. its only worth worrying if you spill drinks on the keyboard.