Feb 19, 2009

All the rave about...

I have been procrastinating about making Macarons for the longest time. And I decided to make some today. I have never done this before. Partly the reason was my first taste of this delicate French cookie wasn't pleasant. At least for me. Not that the person who made it didn't do a good job. Its just that I find it way too sweet for me.

And my niece is also allergic to nuts, so I couldn't make and dump it all with her. Call it beginner's luck, I made this today. And it turn out well. However, I want to experiment it more using the right tool for the job.

I will start my macaron baking class in April this year. Been putting it off for so long and my students are getting impatient with me.

I made mine with chocolate and the filling was cream cheese. Taste wise, I am quite pleased with it. I think the cheese went very well with the chocolate. Since it was sweet, the cream cheese somewhat mellowed the taste.

I made this without cream of tartar because I want to go 'chemical-free'. And mine look different shaped because I just use eyeball control to pipe out the batter. I didn't measure and draw circles on the baking paper to get the right shape.

I am going to make more for Sunday's class to feed my students when they come for Chiffon and Sponge cake baking.

stay tuned for more macaron madness!


lilyng said...


strangely, i too tried making them yesterday and they were more macawrongs than macarons

gina said...

Hi Lily, I baked alot of cookies and also create recipes for food manufacturers..so I think its more than beginner's luck for me to be able to figure this out. I don't have cracks and have all the little frilly 'legs' and it was perfect except the shape wasn't round. Some big, some small. Because i just pipe based on eyeball control looking, estimation. I am going to China next month to stock up for bakeware. I should be able to get more macarons templates to make it more professional round looking. :)

KWF said...

Wow...finally your turn to try these crazily sweet stuff! Good job for your first trial.

gina said...

WF, I am not eating it though. Just want to try my hands on it. Already did another batch last night. And had it filled with Whipped cream laced with bailey cream liquor. :)

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