Feb 25, 2009

Nostalgia finds...

I was at the supplier's warehouse today to pick up new stocks of Japanese bento boxes and chanced upon these:

Old peranakan looking Tiffin carriers and enamel mug. All going for a song. So I ask how much it costs. They use these had some slight defects of a scratch here and there and were previously used as display sets in the departmental stores. And have since been returned to them.

They hope to rid of it to make way for new stock. I told them I will help them to post online via my forum and also on my blog.

So here it is:
Enamel Red mug with cover. Suggested Retail Price : S$8.70. Now its S$4.00 Cash and Carry
Stock : only 10 pcs left

Enamel 4 Tier Red Tiffin Carrier. Suggested Retail Price : S$38.00 Now its S$15.00. Cash and Carry
Stock : 10 sets

I also bought a set for myself to keep. Its great to use, to show off or to be added as part of your home kitchen collection. However not ideal as a gift as some have scratches on the bottom or the side.

Please email me at gina@kitchencapers.net to order yours.

Thanks to all who responded to this. .SOLD! Nothing left

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