Feb 5, 2009

Let Sleeping dogs lie

Jing Jing spends all her day time sleeping. The best spot is my bedroom. Under the chair, next to all my boxes of stuff. Because that spot is just below where the air con blows out the cold air. Smart doggy!

Imagine having to look at her in this way, everyday..at home when I surf the NET on my iBook in my room! No wonder I am always so sleepy, so tired. Even though the mind is so willing to try out new recipes, the body turns weak.

See what I mean..these photos were taken yesterday.

When she feels safe, secured, she rolls up and sleeps like a human. I read that dogs will only sleep in this position if they feel safe about their surroundings. Most dogs sleep with all four paws on the ground. So its easier to get up and run away if there is any sign of danger.

Jing Jing feels very safe in the house. She can sleep in this position in any part of the house except the balcony. Because our dwarf rabbit will molest her if she does that.

Talking about Chocolate the rabbit, we all thinks he has an identity crisis now. Living all his bunny days with a dog, he doesn't know he is a rabbit. He is sleeping like a dog! I should try to creep up to him and snap him sleeping too.


Jeannie said...

That dog is so cool! My dog only sleeps that way when she's alone with me. The boys will disturb her if they are at home and she's petrified of them!

gina said...

Hi Jeannie, this is the only dog I have that sleeps like that. All my past dogs don't sleep like that. I find it rather funny too. What is your dog's breed?

Sandra said...

I love this entry. What a sweetheart of a pet it is. I love every picture you put up here. Feel like kissing it.
My boy, a minipincher practically sleeps the whole day and wakes up only for makan and shishi and gaga and at 9pm to play. He doesn't like it when we both sit in front of the computer, he will bother us till he gets attention. Still, I love him crazily.

KWF said...

Although I'm quite scared of dogs, I think Jing Jing looks very at peace when she sleeps. You must have done a good job to make her feel this way.