Feb 16, 2009


As the late Nat King Cole sings it

Let there be you, let there be me.
Let there be oysters Under the sea.

Let there be wind, an occassional rain.
Chile con carne, Sparkling champagne

Let there be birds to sing in the trees,
Someone to bless me whenever I sneeze.

Let there be cuckoos, a lark and a dove,
But first of all, please let there be love.

While the millions of couples celebrate Valentines' Day last week, my hubby and I told each other that we should celebrate LOVE and be Loved for each moment in our lives. And so we didn't do any special candlelight dinners or buy each other some fancy gifts. And although I loved Flowers, but I prefered it still rooted in a pot where it continues to wither, to grow and bloom again.

With our children, we showed them what is LOVE all about. We don't need a day in a year to celebrate it. When you love someone, you don't need a reason to celebrate it. You would love and show it everyday, every moment of your life with that special someone.

But still, my hubby knows what I like to do and to have. And he bought a whole salmon plus 4 huge mud crabs. And what is more loving than to have it all cooked and done up in the way he wants it. And he took leave to spend the whole day at home with all his loved ones..me and our girls.

This is what I cooked.

Turmeric Rice

Curry Crabs

Steamed Brown Rice Wine Crab shells

home made Smoked Salmon with small limes.


MH said...

Hi Gina!
Wow! all your dishes look sooo... yummy! :)

Chilli crab is my kids favourite. So far I've never kill a crab before let alone cook it. They've been thinking only their grandmas & "Ah yi" know how to cook it.... But what I dread most is the killing part! :(

Wishing you a belated Valentine Day!

gina said...

MH, you buy live crabs, ring me ..I go your house and teach you for free. Then I can get to eat the crabs too. :)

BeLive said...


How did you make the smoked salmon?
It really looks yummy!

Franlanto said...

Hi Gina,
Turmeric rice with curry crabs wow...perfect match.Yummy.

gina said...

Shirley, yes, I smoked it this time. with tea leaves like Oo long. nice smoky flavour. A bit more tedious work, but for V day, I guess its once in a blue moon.