May 27, 2009

Are you a student?

With Mong or with Anna Chan's? Mong, as she nicknames herself, is a Wilton Methods Instructor and she teaches in her home. Check out her blog to find out about her classes on cupcakes or cake decoration. Her students will get a name card from her and it doubles up as a Discount card to be use at Kitchen Capers retail store.

Also with Anna Chan, she teaches baking, cake decoration skills too. See her blog for more details.

I am running this at my store for anyone who flashes Mong's or Anna Chan's name cards, will get a 5% Discount for all bakeware.

For my own KC students, the cards are still in progress(Printing stage). They will get theirs soon. But a special priviledge of 10% Discount only for my students. As a gesture of "Thank You" for the past support they have given me.

Mong's blog

Anna Chan's blog

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