May 14, 2009

In the garden

This week has been hectic for me. Having to teach for half a day, every day, starting from Tuesday and ending on Friday(tomorrow) and thereafter, rushing off to the store to work till 9pm each day. But teaching to me, is stress relief for me. A break from work and to do all things creatively.

I had the chance to meet up with a fellow blogger who also surfs at my KC forum. She came to Singapore from Brunei just to take up a 4 day baking and cake decoration class with me.

Our week started on Tuesday when I taught her to bake 2 cakes. The 2nd day, I taught her how to roll fondant, add and mix colours to create the different shades and we did some figurines too. From penguins to baby booties to roses to food icons.

Today, she learn how to cover a cake in fondant. And also how to bake the delicious Nutella chocolate cupcakes. And look at what she did..and she said, "This is my first time with fondant".

And I still don't believe you?

And while she was fiddling with her cake...I made these on my own.

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Veena said...

hello gina,
i chanced upon your website and later your blog from BIY website,
i have been looking to learn to decorate cakes and was looking for the courses when BIY came up in the google list.from there the interesting links showed your website and i am reading it like a newspaper everyday.
these are wonderful and i cannot wait to join your class.i have registered to become a member in your forum to get the recipes.. can u please include me there.
I bake only eggless cakes and cookies and brownies.Want to learn to make fondant and other cake decorations and the cupcakes ofcourse. wonderful website/blog and great cakes and pictures.
See you soon.