May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Melody

My little girl Melody is 11 years old today. 25 May 2009. I couldn't do any fancy cakes for her or help her to do a party. So this was all I could do.

An 8 inch Hershey's Chocolate Cake that was covered in peppermint flavoured sugar paste that was tinted in green.

Only the roses are made by me. The rest of the fondant figurines were hand crafted by her. She also helped me to mould and tinted every shade of coloured fondant to be use on the cake.

The sugar doll was made of icing and was an item I sell in my KC store.

She brings the cake to school today and will have a mini celebration with her class and Form Teacher.

Here's wishing my baby a Happy and Fun Birthday today!

Love from mom and dad...


lilyng said...

wishing melody a very happy birthday

Gina Choong said...

Hi Lily, thank you for the wishes. She is growing up too fast for me to catch up. But I really thanked God that I quit my job in 2003 and spend much quality time with her.

I Blog Short Shorts said...

Happy Birthday Dear Melody!