Oct 18, 2010

Chilli in my Rojak Part 8

We Are Family (song) sung by Sisters Sledge

Recently my cousin Connie sms me asking if I could bake the Rose Petals Chiffon Cake for her tea party at home. Of course, I say "YES!". And I told Benny about it. And he said :

"Serve friends with cake? why no food? Does she need anything? Maybe cook some food for her to serve her friends too."

I replied:

"Mei Mei knows me too well, she wouldn't want to work me too hard. She just ask for a cake. "

I call Connie as Mei Mei or younger sister. I have been calling her Mei Mei since her birth. We grew up together. I spent all my school holidays with her and her brother, Mun Pun.

And since we are having Hainanese Chicken soup and all the side dishes, Benny decided to get 2 very plump chickens to make sure we have enough for Mei Mei too.

But I did a little more for her. I baked 3 cakes for her little tea party. And served her 2 portions of Chicken rice, soup, nonya Achar, chilli sauce. Why 2 portions of rice? Well, I wanted to settle her with lunch and dinner so she doesn't need to go out after serving her friends and cleaning up her place.

She came at 11:30am to pick up 1 cake but went home with these...

I baked a Blueberry Yogurt Creme Cake, no pictures, too rush to take one.

This was for her tea party last Saturday, 16 October 2010.
Earl Grey Tea Chiffon Cake.

Rose Petals Chiffon Cake. The burnt spots on top was actually the rose petals..

Chicken Rice Set with Achar(home made)

I posted these on Facebook and she replied to me via FB. She said

"tk U GIna for the packed lunch & dinner, they really warmed my stomach & my soul ;>"

I remembered when she was looking for an apartment, she was looking around Hougang zone. Her mom, my aunt rang me to ask me for advice about the neigbhouring blocks near my place. In the midst of chatting, my aunt ask me for a favour.

"Ting, help me to watch over Mei Mei. She will be moving out to live on her own now. Uncle and I will moved in to stay with Mun Pun. "

I told Auntie

"Aunty, yes of course I will.You forgotten that you have ask me to watch over her for you since she was born some 30 odd years ago. When she was very young, I use to baby sit her and play with her. I read her stories and watch cartoons on TV with her. I help to wash her hands before meal time and put her to bed for afternoon naps. All these years, I have grown but I have never stopped loving her and caring for her. "

When Mei Mei said those words on FB..it also warmed my heart and my soul. Knowing that despite being a generation gap away, we are still very much like a big family..still caring for one another.

So let's sing the happy song by Sisters Sledge...

We are family, I got all my sisters n me..and also all your brothers, cousins, uncles, aunties and their extended family.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,
Can You share the Achar recipe with mi? Thanks in advance.

Best Rgds