Oct 8, 2010

Endless Love

(Note: The movie wasn't censored. Some nude scenes..!)

Endless Love was a love story movie made in the year 1981. I was still in Pre U back then. I remembered watching it at the cinema with a few friends. It made me cry at the movies. Because of the ending. I use to be so crazy about the theme song, also called Endless Love sung by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. I would listen to it all the time. Before iPod or iPhones became popular, there was the Sony Walkman (cassette in a mini player). That costs me a good S$50.00. Back then $50 was like now $100 or more..

2 years later, in 1983, I met Sidney. I used to think he was my 'Endless Love'. But he was never meant to be. It was Benny that became my Endless Love. Next month, Benny and I will celebrate our 22 years of marriage and 24 years of knowing each other. Its been a tremendous journey. Natasha is in her first year in University and she's studying psychology. Melody is in Primary 6 this year. While many says we are enjoying the fruits of our labour, our kids have grown, I still think we need to struggle another decade more to see through Melody finishing school once and for all.

Each day as he drives me home from work, we talked fondly of our many yesterdays, of wonderful memories of being in love and watching our girls come into our lives. And watching them grow and being who they are now.

Sometimes our conversations turn a bit teary eyed as we talk about our friends or the people we met along the way. The ones who have loved and lost. The poor and the forsaken. And how much we can do for them if we had tried.

Though we never spoke of one subject again, we are often reminded of it. That one subject or topic was "Till Death Do Us Part". He will talk about anything under the sun but never about either one of us being left behind should one leaves this world sooner. He used to tell me, when that day comes, we will see what happens. And every year, while we spent all our time making sure the family is fed, kids go to school, we find time..whatever time we have to show each other how much we loved each other. In things we do for each other..

Tomorrow, Willie will take half a day off so he could work full day this Sunday. It was intended that I was to work with Natasha at the shop tomorrow. But Benny says to me yesterday, while on the road, driving home:

"Have Natasha stayed at the shop. I will go there at 7pm to close the shop. You stayed home and rest. You have not been resting for over 3 weeks now. And you can do your own things and not have anyone bother you "

"My own Thing" to him means to have time for myself..its me-time. To go for a haircut or to go shopping for a pair of new shoes or some clothes perhaps.

This is why Benny is my Endless Love. If I stopped loving him, the whole universe will disappear and the stars will stop burning. And with each day, I find no excuses not to love someone who cares for me in more ways than I can ever need.

May you find your one true "Endless Love"

God Bless you...

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