Aug 25, 2007

a Bag of Air?

Some years ago, as I was cleaning a large seabass, preparing it for cooking. When I slit open the stomach, I found a bag inside. I haven't got the slightest clue what in the world it is.

So I took great pains not to burst this bag. I poke at it, it seems to be filled with air.

Then I took photographs of it and uploaded it to my forum and ask everyone if they knew what it was. Soon, everyone gave their thoughts. Some told me its a bag that keeps all the fish roe(eggs), a few said it is a cyst or fibroid. Although some wrote to say its the thing that makes fish maw when it is harvested from fishes and dried, and deep fried.

Although a fellow blogger also told me its something the fish has in it to helps it to float. And I always thought that a fish is born with natural abilities to float.

It proves to me that there is no end to learning new things each day. I am still learning.

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