Aug 25, 2007

Goodbye Beauty

The vet, Dr Lee, who took care of Beauty since her puppy days have told me the best way to let go was to write about her or talk about her and how much she has affected our lives. It took me some time to look at her old photos, to scan them and to put it up.

My old faithful dog, Beauty has been ill for some days now. I knew her days are numbered. So I prayed and ask God to let her have our last Chinese New Year together. And true enough, God answered my prayers. The vet came to see her and drew some blood. But she is suspected to have kidney failure.

The whole night (March 7), this old and loving dog is unable to sleep. She is not allowed to go into the bedrooms and was trained since young and she knows that. But last night, she went into each room and sat by the bed of each family member in the if to say Goodbye..

The next morning, Melody got up for school, I told her to give Beauty a hug and to pat her head. And told her that when she comes back from school, Beauty will be gone and Jesus will take her home.

Beauty spend the entire night howling, yelping. She seems to be in pain. I rang up the doctor and he told me there isn’t any pain, maybe she just want to be seen and heard..trying to talk to us because we are sleeping. As if trying to tell us not to worry for her as she is going off.

I told Natasha the night before about what has happened and though it sounded cruel to put her down, its the best we can do for her. She lived a good life and a happy one. She was one of my girls, not just a pet in the house. She was never treated as an animal but a family member.

That morning when my hubby was reading the papers, she yelp at him and struggle to get up and walk to his side. She sat next to him and I told him to give her a pat to comfort her.

Beauty has passed away peacefully. No struggles, no pain. Its what I wanted and ask God for and He has answered my prayers. She passed away at 12:40pm March 8 2007. The doctor came and gave her a tranquillizer to calm her down. As she was having seizures and was shaking and shivering. Before he could give the jab, her heart stopped beating.

Natasha couldn’t bear to see her so she went to her room to cry. I stood by Beauty and held her till she breathed her last. She was cremated and her ashes will be thrown into the river. Dr Lee was very sadden by her passing. He adores her as if she was her dog. He would keep photos of her in his clinic.

The blood test results showed that her kidney was 75% damage. And that causes bleeding internally. Thankfully, she didn’t suffer much or bled too much.

Even in death, she still looks sweet and beautiful like her name implies. She's 13.5 years at the time of her death.
Goodbye Beauty, you will always have a special place in our lives.

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