Aug 25, 2007

friend and friend

Recently, I took Jing Jing to a friend's home. M has a pair of beautiful shetland sheepdogs. It was an adventure for JJ. While we talked, the dogs have a good time playing and chasing each other in M's home. Then I also took this time to share a cooking tip with M. We cooked nasi lemak and I also gave her a jar of my home made Nasi lemak sambal chilli.

M and I talk about life with grown up kids, of what she wanted to do when she retires in 2 years time. We talk about God, of Christianity and our pets. She wanted to give me her tri coloured sheltie named Pryce. She knows how much I loved shetland sheepdogs and believe that Pryce will be in good hands if he stays with me.

I am more worried about flaunting the AVA ruling for 1 dog per HDB flat. Although Pryce is sweet natured and loving..he is no doubt a huge dog as compared to Jing Jing. I don't want to have the AVA people coming to my flat and asking me to rid of one dog. Which one do I give up?

But seeing Pryce, reminds me of Fable. my previous Tri coloured Sheltie which hubby dearest bought for me soon after we moved into our first marital home. I was alone all the time during the first year of our marriage. As he works late and comes home late too. And Fable kept me company all the time.

When I had Natasha, my eldest daughter, Fable became a wonderful baby sitter for us. He would keep watch and stand guard of Natasha if I had to cook or dash to the toilet.

All my dogs shared many wonderful moments and memories with me. And I feel that I could never tell anyone of this except to a friend who keeps a pet. Someone like M. She understands me when I say of things that my dogs used to do or the way they behave. Sometimes it almost seem like they have a human soul in them.

A cherished moment I spent at M's house that day. I left happy and contented. Its been a long time since I had a nice cup of icy cold lime juice and a quiet afternoon with a good friend to catch up on life and dogs.

Thank you M, for sharing..

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