Aug 25, 2007

Haunting melody from Japan

I have to talk about this. I just have to. I chanced upon this blog many years ago while downloading Macintosh icons. I felt in love with the kitchen waltz the author wrote. You must go to Yoshi's site to read about how he came about writing this piece of music for his friend.

Click Kitchen waltz from the left panel of the screen. It tells the story of how Kitchen Waltz was conceptualized. Since then, I have written to Yoshihiro Kondo and ask him to send me the tunes so I can put them into my iTunes and listen to it anytime I want.

He was kind enough and zipped all his music pieces and email the file to me. Since then, I have been listening to them. But the all time favourite is still his Kitchen Waltz piece. It gives me great peace whenever I play it on my Mac.

Yoshishiro is a very talented man. He will compose music pieces, can paint and also takes beautiful photographs of flowers, scenery. We have been online pals since the late 1990s.

visit his site and see for yourself!

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