Aug 25, 2007

I still remember her

sigh...its been almost 6 months now. I still think of Beauty once in a while. Especially when it rains. She would be so frightened and she will whimper and cry and ask me to hug her. Jing Jing is a fearless puppy. She loves the rain. Because it meant that I would mistook her for something she don't quite understand. And get free hugs and get to sleep inside the room.

Beauty fears the rain because it comes with thunder and lightning. Something she never could figure out or understand. Something that frightens her. When I use to work, I use to think of her and be worried for her when it rains. There is no one at home and she is probably hiding in the storeroom, shivering and whimpering softly.

They say time heals. For me now, it slowly healing.

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