Jan 7, 2009

Finally, the black Diary is here...

Last October, I was invited by Ate Media Publishing to write a recipe for a Diary/Planner they have been commissioned to create for MICA.

This was the criteria for selection, quoted from the email I received from their Editor:

"This is for the Ministry of Communications, Information and the Arts (in conjunction with the Overseas Singaporeans Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office) to create a food-themed 18 week diary / planner that will given out to 10,000 overseas Singaporeans.

18 local food celebrities have been chosen to be profiled in this diary. You, of course, are one of them. The recipe that you share should be of a dish that reminds you of “home” or to you is something that is very “Singaporean”. It could be, for example, a dish that you crave when you are travelling or a dish that brings back memories. We will also be running a photo of this dish. "

To me, it was such an honor to be considered as one of the 18 local food celebrities. I just said "Yes" without a doubt. But I had to sit down and think of what to share. I had too many recipes and many are not easy to follow. They wanted something that had a few steps and using some basic ingredients that overseas Singaporeans can easily find in the grocers nearby.

In the end, I chose my late ah ma's Hokkien Kiam P'ng or Claypot Salty Rice. Due to copyright issues, I won't be sharing this recipe here online. Here's some snapshots of the diary planner.

As far as I know, this Diary Planner is not for sale. And only MICA have the rights to reprint it if so required. It is to be mailed out to 10, 000 overseas Singaporeans. As to how they have short listed who they would send to, I have no idea. As I believed that there maybe millions outside our home country, living, working or studying abroad.

Thanks to Chubby Hubby (Aun and Su-Lynn) and crew, for this honor.

My precious Four(4) complimentary copies of the diary planner will stay with me. You can bribe me but I still won't give it away.



Cookie said...

What an honour, Gina! Good work!


gina said...

thanks Cookie, now I am on world map! 10,000 overseas Singaporeans will take notice of KC existence!