Jan 6, 2009

Heavenly juice

the white stuff you see at the bottle of the bottle is the wine residue and wine yeast powder.

this is wine that is already harvested after 100 days.

Here's the recipe for the Dried Cranberries Wine I made.

200g dried cranberries
600g rock sugar
1.5 litres water

1 pc wine yeast

1. Use a large pot, add water to boil with sugar till it melts. Add dried fruits to cook in the syrup till it soften.
2. Leave aside to cool completely.
3. Crush wine yeast into powder and scatter it in a large glass jar.
4. Pour cooled cranberries and syrup into the jar. Close the jar with cover.
5. Leave it aside for 100 days minimum.
6. After 100 days, sieve out using a cheesecloth or muslin cloth to drain the wine.
7. Store the wine in a glass bottle and cover with a cork.
8. Store the wine in the fridge.
9. The fruits have to be discarded as its very sour.

This wine is best drunk at home, with ice and water(if you cannot take too strong wine). Never drink and drive. Depending on how much you can take, my sister felt tipsy just drinking a shot of it with ice and water. While the rest of us (my hubby and I) could drink it just on ice without water.

Important notes on wine making
1. Do not move the jar or shake it too much during the initial 100 days of fermentation.
2. Leave this jar in a dark cool place, away from direct sunlight or even near to the cooking stove. Heat will kill fermentation immediately.
3. Do not fill up the bottle or jar with rice or wine upto to the top of the container.
4. all containers must be made of glass, earthern ware, claypot. No stainless steel pot, or plastic containers.


chumpman said...

Thanks a lot, Gina. I will definately try it, love the pink color so so much.

Bolero said...

where to buy the wine yeast at?