Jan 18, 2009

Of time and space

If I was to be ask which day in my life was the most eventful day, I think the answer would be today, 18 January 2009. Why? It wasn't a day where I had the most fun things to do or I had a surprise of all sorts. But it was the day when someone like me, who always seem to remember all the details in life, of friends, and things to forget everything!!!

Firstly, I left the house to go to Chef Secrets without the most important thing of my visit. And that was to give Amy the 5 kg of laksa paste which I have cooked for her. Then I had to make a trip home and dash out again to pass it to her.

During my journey there by taxi, I got a phone call from my students asking me if the class was still on. Oh dear! Not another mishap! I totally forgotten about the class I was supposed to have. I guess it was because she didn't pay me on time, it slipped my mind that she may not have want to come so I cancel the class. Not knowing she misinterpreted it as "Pay on the actual day".

Thankfully, she understood and we will have to re scheduled again.

Then I thought I should give myself a boost by eating out and not stress about lunch. So I took Melody out for lunch at a restaurant.

I came home, feeling somewhat recharged and at 2pm, I started baking. That was eventful. In total I baked 20 boxes of 5 different types of cookies from my bake order list.

Then my Buddha Over the Wall soup was almost ready. I had told myself I should pamper myself once in a while and not be so stressed up. We had dinner with just this wonderful soup and with plain noodles.

After dinner, I retired to the room and decided to check my email. Minutes later, JS was at my front door! Oh dear! not again!

She came to collect her Nian Gao and again I forgotten about it! JS is one my students and now a good friend. She pitied me having to run the show alone with so many things in my head. And I had no one to assist me. Soon, she says, I will go mad. :(

She was kind enough to say " Gina, I understand. Don't stress yourself. I will come on Thursday again and will remind you on Wednesday "

So it was, my most eventful day. A day I forgotten alot of things. I hope next week will be better.


Sandra said...

Oh Gina, one of those days huh ....... just forget this day happened, difficult it may be. Let's pray the coming days, weeks, months and years will be totally going good. Here's a big bear hug for you.
Take care Gina,

Cookie said...

It must be the endless baking taking a toll on you! Take a good break this new year and you will be fine :-)

Gong Xi Fai Chai!








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