Jan 10, 2009

A spoonful of...

A spoonful of yummlicious home made pineapple jam for each of these delightful tarts.

It does looked like little pots of gold at the end of my rainbow. These are now my most hot selling Pineapple tarts I have created for family, friends and business associates during the Lunar New Year celebrations.

While I also teach my students the secrets to making these little pots of gold, I still make them to sell to friends and business associates. And it never fails to get a smile on people's faces when they get it. One bite, that's like eating heavenly cakes. Its smells of fresh pineapples, the pastry is light and melts in the mouth. Each part of the baking process was made by hand.

The pineapples are grated manually using an old fashioned mandolin. Then sieved to retain the juice. At least half a litre of the sour pineapple juice and cooked together with the grated pineapples. A bit stirring every now and then, you may even sing a tune or two to keep upbeat as it may be a long and tiring task to stand in front of the wok to cook for 2 hours.

Then leaving in out to cool, next I had to make the pastry by using the rubbing in method with butter, flour, sugar and eggs. And resting it in the fridge for 30 minutes. On my lazy days, I would do all these ahead of time and only baked on the day when I am free.

I loved to make it closed. Using a special tart mould. Each will be filled with a table spoonful of freshly cooked pineapple jam. Then the top to be covered with thin layer of pastry, cut to size to fit the top. Seal with push on the fingers. And its ready for the oven.

And baked to perfection, inverted and voila..my little flower pots of gold!


I won't be sharing the recipe on my blog. Its been documented in my KC forum. Sign up as a member to access it. Membership is free. This way is better, as in the forum, you can ask questions and get answered instantly.


Passionate About Baking said...

Woah my, Gina! With about 9 pineapples I bought the other day, it already took me the whole day to turn into pineapple jam. Your wok is so huge and so much pineapple fibres, it probably took you more than a day? :p Thanks for all your advise on the pineapple tarts! :)

gina said...

jane, each time I would grate 5 to 6 pineapples, cooked it. Then keep. Then buy another batch, do the same and mixed with previously cooked ones and cooked again. From this lot you see in the photo, its 10 kg. But cooked in stages. So its less tiring.

Since the start of the classes in 28 Dec 2008, I have made and sold 900 pcs of pineapple tarts and have already cooked 30 kg of jam. Of which 12kg were used in class.

Missy said...

so nicely done! u are so talented :)