Sep 22, 2009

Sinful rice

Well, we are not much of mooncake lovers or eaters. Actually, we prefer to eat the salted yolk that is buried inside the moonies. So hubby thought it would a wonderful dish if we use it to cook fried rice.

This is just try out recipe as no restaurants we knowed of have done this. Surprisingly it was good. Although very unhealthy as I had to use as many as 4 yolks to get that taste. Otherwise, its good to indulge once in a while.


Salted Yolk Rice
Recipe by Gina Choong

Serves 4 persons

4 bowls of cooked rice(overnight)
2 pcs of chinese sausages(sliced thinly)
3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
4 salted egg yolks
200g bean sprouts(remove roots and bean on top)

1. Remove egg yolks and wash away the salty whites. Drain and set aside.
2. Heat up wok with olive oil and add sausages to stir fry till cripsy brown.
3. Remove and set aside.
4. Leaving oil on wok, add raw yolks to cook. It will look foamy like soap bubbles, use the spatula to press and break the yolks.
5. Add cooked rice, and stir fry to coat rice with yolk flakes.
6. Add bean sprouts and rest of the ingredients to cook on high heat for 5 mins.
7. Dish out, serve hot with freshly cut chilli or coriander leaf.


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