Sep 26, 2009

Work or Play?

When I used to work for others, it was just purely work, work and more work. Occasionally I enjoyed what I do. Provided my bosses appreciated the work hours and time put in. Some days when things don't turn out well, bosses aren't the nicest people around, they are quick to put the blame on us. That's when work is no fun anymore.

Come to think of it, since I left school in 1982, I have been working for others in various companies. While some are fun work, others are monotonous. The need to work was just to earn money, supplement family income and to have money in CPF to get a house. Years later, it was just to cure that need of climbing that corporate ladder.

Thank God, He provided me all of these. My last job was a senior position in a large MNC. With much accomplishment in my career, I decided to give up everything and quit my job. That was in June 2003. Since then, there's no looking back.

Over time, I got bored at home..literally doing nothing except to go to school with Melody and fuss about her going to Primary one back then.

Then I decided to learn about web design and started a new hobby..Cooking and Baking. I created a website called Kitchen Capers and hosted an online discussion board(forum) with it. It was just to share recipes that are tried and tested and proven to work.
Over time, I moved on to teach cooking and baking, before long, I started KC online store last year to sell bakeware and paper ware.

This year, Kitchen Capers Retail started with just a dream, lots of hope and lots of love from my hubby dearest. He feels that I should have a real shop than an virtual shop.

Ever since we started the shop, friends have ask me about life ...was it all work or was it all play?

Its definitely all PLAY now. Why? Because each time when a new shipment of goods arrive, I literally jumped for joy. Its like opening a present (except that I had to pay for it first..!)

This week, I had cookie cutters arriving from USA. And some exotic stuff from different places too. Its fun when you enjoy your work. Its passion that keeps you going too. I look forward to waking up early each day. Its been 4.5 months now...though I have not taken a day's rest, I don't feel stress or drained or tired. In fact, I felt more lively than ever. Going to work now is like going to play.

Here's some of the stuff that came with the post man yesterday:

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