Nov 26, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

well, definitely not my two front teeth! A fellow blogger and friend had a chat with me recently and ask me what I do for Christmas every year and the kind of gifts I get too. While I told her the usual fare of Roast Turkey and Ham, and family and relatives and toys for the kids, I also told her my personal wish list I had for years.

And every year, I wish for the same thing. And without fail, God has been fulfilling my wish every year too. For that, I think I am truly blessed. I mean, how often you get your wish granted? Every single time you ask for it?

Since the day I met hubby dearest, I knew I WILL NOT see him on Christmas Eve or eve of Chinese New Year. Because he works in the retail industry. Its in this time, retail business is at its best. So his boss wants him to work throughout the holidays too.

So I made a simple wish to God.

"Dear God, I don't want big or small presents. I don't need turkey or ham on the table. But I really really really want Benny to be with me on Christmas eve, and also on eve of Chinese New Year. That's all I want, Lord. In Jesus' Name, AMEN! "

For years, God fulfilled my wish. For the last 10 over years, I see him with me every Christmas. And this year, again, I ask for the same thing. I know its not going to be easy as we just open shop. How can we close shop early? Just wishful thinking, I believe. But knowing God, He does works in mysterious ways we cannot understand.

Hubby told me last night we should close early for Christmas like half day. So I have time to do my roasts for the family and packed the gifts for the little kids. And in my heart, I said to God "Thank you, Lord! You have answered my prayer again!"

Here to you and you.. I know its a bit early. We are still in November. But I just wanna share my joy with you.

This Christmas, I'll be home for Christmas. That's for sure.
I love this song, although not really that appropriate..Its not in my dreams anymore. Its really happening.

Our store will be opened at 10am on Christmas Eve, 24th December and will be closed early at 4pm.

Thank you all who came and supported us.

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Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Gina,
That's great! I'm so happy you could spend time with Benny and your family. Sometimes, work is not everything. Family is everything! Enjoy yourselves! :) You truly deserve a good break after all the hard work!