Nov 23, 2009

Colour my world..

Its been a long wait. But finally, the coloured fondant from Switzerland finally arrived last weekend.

Under the brand of Bakels, the one brand I use for all my class work or even cakes I did for friends or family. Its alot more softer than Wilton's. Taste wise, its better than Wilton brand. I prefer it to be softer so its easier to roll a large piece to cover a cake.

Its packed by Bakels Switzeralnd in 1kg pack. Each costs S$22.50. Right now, I only bring in Black, Christmas Red, Sky Blue and Peach. Although they have other colours like Chocolate, White, Ivory, Yellow, Orange, Purple, I feel these colours are easily to knead and roll. While the latter seems to take forever to knead and you need lots of food colouring too.

Here is how the packs look like:

You can get these at KC store.

Supplier gave me a sample pack to play with September. And I use it to make the Teacher's Day cuppies. Here's my girl, Melody using it to make the cuppies :

I only have limited stock : 10 packs per colour. As of today, already sold 3 packs last weekend. Hurry to get yours before its gone.

Expiry date is October 2010

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