Nov 27, 2009

Eat and Be Merry

Well, these are all old archives. If you ask why I didn't have any on Natasha, its because Digital cameras are too expensive back then. And not very popular. When Melody came into our lives, digicam was the in-thing..inside mobile phones and on standalone too. So I just cook, just snap and snap.

One of the things I really missed these days is to cook for the family. Meals to many may be just to eat to survive or eat to fill the tummies. To us at home, a meal at home is about bonding, about love for each other and to share about the day's events and jokes we hear or things we see. That is why I never allowed my girls to eat like a buffet style at home. Meals are always a sit-down-at- the-table affair. They learn important family values and about filial piety.

From a tender age, they dine with us at the table. Even though they may not eat the food there. But they learn about having respect for elders. And will address the elders first, then wait for the signal. When the elders say its okay to tuck in, they will then poke their spoons and forks into the dishes.

I kept this ritual true and steadfast till today. Now Melody is 11 years old, Natasha is 19 years old. And they still do this at meal times. They would each call out their father and say :

"Papa, time for dinner"

Be seated at the table but won't touch the food till daddy starts.

Its old school values, chinese style. But table manners is a must. My mom taught me all this too. But due to our work schedules we are home after work at different timing. So we don't dine with her the same time. Then its truly a gift to be able to dine with her in this proper manner during Chinese New year or at Christmas.

And this lunch was cooked, prepared for a friend who visited Singapore. Made a trip to my place. So I promised her Nasi Lemak meal for her and her dad.

I wonder how many people still do this? Or am I a Dinosaur?

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