Nov 15, 2009

Mini Wedding cakes

I am starting a series of mini cakes baking with decoration classes in December. That's next month. If you are interested, do sign up quickly. I will repeat the series every month if it proves to be popular. Or if you cannot come on the dates and still wanna learn from me, do drop me an email, I can still teach you and your friends at my place at the same published rates.

Here's what I will be teaching:

For December's schedule, click here to find out.

Some photos of the mini cakes:

I will be showing you how I did the wedding cakes for my friend. And about packaging

Its a special 2 day workshop : Day 1, you will learn how to bake the mini cakes, 2 flavours : Sweet Cherries Fairy Cupcakes(the one I did for the wedding) and a Special new flavour using Valrhona cocoa powder and Walnuts. You will given a set of ingredients needed to bake at home when you leave for the day.

On Day 2, you will bake the cupcakes(using the ingredients given) and bring to class. There you will learn the full aspects of moulding roses, decorating the cupcake and also how to pack and store the cupcakes for longer periods(1 week or more).

If you have any other queries, feel free to write to me at

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