Nov 14, 2009

Taste of Time

Some friends ask me why my blog was named as Taste of Time. Its actually a name of section I have when I was working and writing for Kitchen Culture's Food and Travel magazine.

I decided to adopt that name for my blog. The magazine is still in print but have been given a facelift. All the old sections have 'disappeared' and new ones have been added.

Showing here some old pages which I use to have (written, archived).

The photos of the food are real food. Which I have cooked for food styling and photography work. After the photography, we packed the meals for the photographer, Sam Yeo and for my colleague, Ms Pauline D Loh who taught me much about food styling. We ate our 'spoils'..!

Here's me with Alice (not from Wonderland, though!). Alice is a TV journalist with Taiwan TV. They came to Singapore during the Singapore Food Festival 2006 to film me on the Hakka Heritage Cooking. Seen here, I was showing how to use the Red Rice Wine lees to marinate the chicken.

The cooking demo was done at Kitchen Culture's showroom at Leng Kee Road

Later, we toast to the press(and TV crew too!)..

The yummy Ang Chao Chicken in red wine..yums!

ah...memories are made of these..

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