Nov 7, 2009

The Wedding

I promised everyone photos. So I ask my daughter, Natasha to help me to take more photos when we were setting up the cake and mini cakes at the wedding reception.

If you look at the original cake photo (yesterday's blog post entry), you will noticed that the flowers on the top tier seem to have grown more leaves..! Final touches were made this morning at 7am. I found it a bit too bare at the top. And added more leaves to surround the top.

The overall cake at the church's hall.

My sister, my aunty helped to assemble the mini cakes at 2 coffee tables. To give it more presence due to its mini size, we 'build' a pyramid with it. It was beautiful.

However, I won't be showing photos of the bride and groom. I didn't think they would want their photos on public viewing.

Thank you for viewing...


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina

Beautiful cake! BTW, how many cakes
did you actually bake for the 3 tiers?


Gina Choong said...

Helen, only the bottom tier is real. The top 2 are dummies. The mini cakes in gold boxes are baked too. Those are for the guests. The bottom tier was 12 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height.