Dec 16, 2009

I missed my girls at...

I really missed them. Not the ones I have raised since birth. But the ones I taught at Andrew and Grace Home at Telok Kurau. These are girls who cannot go home due to the numerous criminal offences they have done. They are too young for prison or jail so the Government had them rehomed in a home where they are watched and learn life skllls while waiting to go for trial.

Why do I suddenly thought of them? Because I was watching Jamie's Kitchen in Australia. About setting another Fifteen restaurant in Australia. Then I remembered my days at AG Home in late 2004, all the way thru to 2005 and mid 2006. Working with these teenage girls, teaching them to cook Asian food. Some of them were sent to the Philippines during a Cultural Exchange Programme funded by MCYS. Where they had to cook a dish that was uniquely Singaporean.

I cannot show their faces online in any blog or even in printed media. Unless I edit it to blur out faces. So this year, I have ask my friend P and her hubby SH to help me to send some food ingredients to them. AG Home is now at 6A Matter Road.

Here's the website to find out more about them.

Here are some of the lessons taught, food they have cooked, prepared and they also learn about food presentation and table setting manners.

Pineapple tarts making..they begged me to teach them so that they could make it themselves, bring home on home leave days for their moms. As a gesture to say "Mom, I love you, please forgive me for what I have done". How can I say "No" to that. This was one of the most heartwarming lessons I taught that year.

They learn to make Indian snack Vadai. A recipe by Chef Devagi Sanmugam. A friend I knew.

The final product

They learnt to cook the traditional Hainanese Chicken rice with the yummy chilli sauce. Later, this dish was the one they cook during the Cultural Exchange programme.

...wonderful memories..

I don't teach there anymore because the new place they are at do not have proper kitchen equipment.


Quinn said...

You are as good as Mother Nightingale Gina....

Gina Choong said...

Quinn, Thank you for kind comments. We are so blessed with food on the table, all the time. Not everyone has that. So I tried to help, whenever I can.