Dec 23, 2009

My world of dogs

I always have dogs since young. My late grandparents kept dogs to watch their little farm of chickens and ducks. I grew up in this homely environment of pets in the house. There was always at least 1 dog in the house, a couple more outside the house and a few cats too. Every animal was in harmony and in peace with each other. There was never a cat and dog fight.

Then we grew up, got married, had our own homes and we got a few dogs along the way. My cousins have dogs in their homes. My relatives had dogs or cats too.

My niece and sister had a cat(which they adopted from the street outside their home) and a dog too.

Here's a post for all dog pets past and present.

My current pet dog, Jing Jing. She's a shetland sheepdog.

She's focusing on the cheese slices I am removing to give her

In her own way, this is how she tells me its yummy!

This was my ex pet, Beauty. Also a Shetland Sheepdog. She's 5 years old in this photo. Taken together with Natasha's pet dragon

When Melody was only 3 years old, she spent much of her time playing and telling Beauty all her secrets. A wonderful photo of them in their yak-yak session

Natasha at 4 years old, with Beauty. Beauty was only 2 years old then. Natasha is now 19 years time has flown by.

I had a Tri coloured Shetland Sheepdog which my hubby gave me when we first moved into our first nuptial home. Seen here, he was named Fable and nestling with his siblings. He's the only pup that was black.

Fable, at his prime. 3 years old.

Here's Fable, fully grown..trying to herd a small rabbit. Rabbit was my niece's pet.

This is Bambi, the long coated Chihuahua that is owned by my niece.

These 2 pups are a mixed with Dobermann and a local stray. They were considered as bad luck due to an old chinese belief that dogs with black fur cannot have white patches or the family will have bad luck. They were given away soon after they turn 4 weeks ago. My brother in law took them home. It was my mom who nursed them and fed them like her babies.

Pee Gee is the white dog with black patches. And Sunny Boy is the almost Dobermann coloured pup.

Sunny Boy is a grouchy, selfish pup.

Pee Gee was given away when she was 3 months old to a family who loves dogs. But she died young due to a birth defect. I learn from this, never to breed dogs just because the doggy parents look good on the outside. There are so many genetic defects unseen, undetectable! Poor PG.

Sunny Boy at 6 months old..still considered a puppy but look how huge he grew up to be.

This was my very first dog, a Pomeranian. He was a Stud dog and very tiny. We got him at his prime when he was 5 years old. We never bred him after that. He became our pet dog to love and cherish.

This was Shoby, my very first Shetland Sheepdog which hubby gave me as a present. He was also born with a birth defect. He had a heart murmur. He died when he was only 4 months old, on Valentines' Day.

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