Dec 26, 2009

This Christmas

This is our first Christmas which we spent with one eye open, the other eye closed. We closed our store early at 2pm instead of 9pm. Hubby had to work and was only home at 5pm. I closed the shop alone at 2:30pm, serving the last customer at 2:15 pm.

I had to rush home to prepare for the christmas party at my uncle's home in the East of Singapore. And I rested for a while before I started making the truffles.

My mom suddenly became in love with Chocolate Truffles lately. Ever since Pearly visited us from Canada. And she brought chocolates for her. So I told myself, this Christmas, I am going to learn to make some for her too. So I wrote to PDL and ask her for her tried and tested recipe. She immediately send me one over the email. I didn't want to use expensive chocolates to make so I used Aalst Dark Couverture Chocolates to test it out. After a 2 to 3 rounds of testing, I got the hang of it and made quite a big batch for Natasha to bring to her church for her youth meeting. The so called "last supper" for them before they packed and leave for Isarel..the Bible Trail trip.

This was one Christmas we spent without Natasha, our eldest, our first born. She is in Isarel with her church walk the journey when Christ first walk the Earth. She sms us every other day to tell us where she is now, what they are doing. Her sister, Melody, missed her terribly. Her trip was made possible because my mom wanted to give her a present. And she bought the tickets for her to go. And my mom told Melody that when she is old enough to go for this trip, she can go too. My mom has already set aside money for Melody to go.

So this Christmas, no matter how tired I was, how much I wanted to rest my tired eyes, hung up my feet to rest or rest my tired back, I told myself, I must make these little truffles for mom. Who stood by me during the trying months I had struggling with the store. Of the times I couldn't be there for my girls and she was there for them.

She was pleased, happy and ask for more now.

To many, these are just boxes of chocolates. But to my mom, she knew I had no time, my eyes are puffy and black due to lack of rest and sleep. So these boxes of chocolates tasted the best and she told me "its like that Godiva or something. Very good"

And this song "O Holy Night" is dedicated to my girls who like this very much.

Here's to all, a Merry Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

not forgetting...cakes for it :)

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