Oct 5, 2009

All in a Day's work!

An indian customer came by our store last evening..and tasted the Tom yam cookies I have baked for customers to sample. Basically, it was just to share my newest cookie recipe and to encourage them to cook the paste themselves to be use for baking the cookies.

But this lady wanted me to bake for her. She didn't have any sob stories for me. It was my hubby who ask me to do it. He said, we must make our customers happy.

And so I did..take this order of 7 tubs of cookies. I don't know what I am getting myself into this time. Luckily I still have a pack of frozen pineapple paste in the freezer which I have made for Chinese New year earlier this year.

This is all in a day's work..I started baking at 10:30am. Stopped at 2pm. Rested for an hour and carried on the last batch.

Pineapple tarts : 2 tubs..one open type, the other closed.
Sri Lankan Black Tea Cookies
Rose Petal Cookies
Tom Yam Cookies, also 2 tubs.
Chocolate chip cookies

all packed..waiting for her to come by to pick up this evening..!

Now I really need to rest.


Nurainie said...

Seven different types of cookies in one day is impressive!

Gina Choong said...

hi Nurainie, I have MIA at MCDC for a while. Busy with such little projects. Tomorrow I am flying off to China for a biz trip and I haven't pack my luggage. :(

Nurainie said...

Its ok, Gina. I can catch up with you through your blog here. I love what you do with Kitchen Capers especially the recipes and ideas on how to use the products you sell. Can you deliver to M'sia (Ipoh) as well?

Enjoy yourself in China, can't wait to see what goodies you will bring back!

James said...

Hello Gina,

Did u conduct class on how to bake Pineapple Tart?

Gina Choong said...

Hi James, yes I do.usually 1 month before CNY.

James said...

Would love to learn from u about making pineapple tart for CNY.

Previously i make a few attempt to make them.

1st try: no milk powder, turn out quite cripsy.
2nd try: try milk powder, turn out bad, very hard like rock
3rd try: try adjusting a bit, turn out pineapple filling edible, tarts abit below standard.

Gina Choong said...

James, this recipe for tarts I did was my mom's recipe. Which she has perfected over the years of making for family and friends. We all loved it and for years, I only use her recipe. And don't attempt to make new types. Why re-invent the wheel ?

Anonymous said...

hi gina can i know what recipes or flour you use to make the pineapple tart it looks real good ;)