Oct 27, 2009

Smile ...

I had a class on cupcake decoration using fondant a week ago. Since we had time and leftover batter which we didn't want to bake into cupcakes, I pour the batter into a snowman pan and baked into a large cake.

This was done out of excess time we had. Showed the students how to cover a whole cake in fondant and do the minimum in fondant decorations. Still the cake was beauitful and everyone was smiling too. Just like Mr Frosty.

The big round eyes are made of Chocolate Fondant(Bakels). The rest of the fondant was just plain white fondant that had been tinted in various shades.

The base cake was a rich Mango fairy cake which was later sliced into two for the students to bring home. They went home gleefully happy.

Also this was done last month. Was supposed to teach Kid's birthday cakes but in the end, they wanted an adult cake for a change. So I showed how to do a simple cake using whatever moulds they have. For this flower, I use the mooncake mould.

Actually, with fondant, you don't really need fancy cutters or tools to get the designer look. Just a bit of imagination, creativeness, you can do some very good stunning effects.

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