Oct 2, 2009

A Tribute to a friend who inspired me

Today, I cried. Just found out through FaceBook and with my friend Dennis P that Chef Billy Cotton has passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Though we never met in person, we spoked often on the NET and whenever I post recipes at Chef2Chef.net forum, Billy never failed to encourage me and to inspire me. There are so many ways to love someone whom you never met, this is just one way. His way. Billy was an inspiration, to me, he was like a god father to me in all things culinary. He would encourage me, send me notes and stuff like that.

He would address me as "little girl" sometimes. In his own affectionate way, he lovingly called me "young sis". I will missed him terribly.

This is how the late Billy Cotton looked like. This photo is extracted from Facebook. The way he would have wanted all of us to know him..always in his apron, in the kitchen, whipping up and trying new recipes on the fly.

Billy was also a dog lover like me. When Beauty died, I was unconsolable for days. Billy would write to me and 'cried' with me over the NET. He would send me long and short notes every now and then to lift up my spirits.

Though we never met in person, we are like soul buddies.

Billy, dearest Brother Billy, may you rest in peace. And know that God loves you as you loved others and share unselfishly with total strangers. I will always remember you, and will inspire others like the way you have always inspired me


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