Oct 28, 2009


This is a frustrated post. Every other day, we have some one who would come into our store and 'vandalise' our displays or move things around. Some people find it fun to do such things. While others did it merely for the 'kick' thinking that they will never be caught for it.

What kind of conscious does these people have?

The most recent ones are often happening on Saturdays. Days when my two daughters helped out at the store and man it by themselves. While me and hubby had a good rest at home and goes there around 7pm.

There seems to be a lady with short hair*ya! we caught a glimpse of her dashing out immediately* who comes into our store every Saturday around 5pm to 6pm. She would always do the same thing. That is to remove all the nuts/dried fruits that are hung on the hooks, mess up the Konnyaku jelly packs, break a few pieces of Wine yeast and sweeps her hand over the many bottles of Bake King's essences and baking powders we have!

And yesterday, we had a teenager who came in and pouedr his drink into one of the containers which holds the plastic gift tag "Happy Birthday".

My brother in law, Willie, had to remove it, wash it and painstakingly wipe clean each tag before putting it back for sale.

The worst damage we had was someone cutting our packs of Valrhona cocoa powder and spilling the contents out on the shelf.

Why do people do such things? Maybe they find gratification from it? Or thrill, excitement ?

If I ever catch anyone doing this, I will hand him/her over to the police!


Adeline said...

Wow those are some nasty acts! Have you thought of installing cctv so that if you managed to catch them, you've evidence for the police too. These people deserved some disciplinary action.

Tania said...

sorry to hear that. unfortunately, such acts of vandalism/shoplifting are part and parcel of running a store =( you'll have to keep a lookout or install the CCTV

lilyng said...


these ppl must be really bored.

Passionate About Baking said...

Gee, I didn't know people do all this in broad daylights! Goodness, where did their conscious go?

Xenish said...

Horrible people! They should be punished!