Apr 20, 2010

Chilli in my Rojak...Part 2

Puppy Love sung by Donny Osmond

My sister is the lady in black. The other 2 ladies are our cousins, Belinda and Dagmar.

Some history repeats itself too many times. Knowing that my late grandfather went senile was very frightening. The many reasons I am penning down my memories is that I feared that day will come when I forget all the things in my life that made me happy or sad, contented or otherwise. The people in my life, that was important to me. And those who came and pass me by.

Though I may want to forget some unhappy moments, I also wanted my girls to know of them. Maybe as a consolation to them to know that everyone goes through pain and suffering and how I learnt to cope with it.

My parents have 2 daughters, my sister Winnie and me. We are six years apart. I was born with many illnesses, my sister was fit as a fiddle. She was always a healthy child. I don't remember a time ever to find her sniffling from a cold or taking meds for fever or flu. In many ways, I like to think that she inherited my dad's healthy gene.

My sister loved me alot. Even when we were kids. She give in to me all the time. Although there are times she was jealous of me because I was the youngest and doted on by so many relatives. My sister lived her life going through harsh times and good times. I remembered watching her dress up as a teen. She grew up in the time of Donny Osmond's hit Single "Puppy Love". And she would play that song 100 times a day until it drove me to scream at her.

I used to idolise one person..and that was my sister. To me, she was like an Angel. Pretty and full of life. And knows how to enjoy herself without getting hurt. My sister was a very pretty girl in her teens. She has many many boyfriends. Every other day I will be answering phone calls for her.

I remembered our first Christmas together. That was before turkey and honey baked ham became popular or affordable. We stayed at Circuit Road, off Macpherson Road. In a tiny flat. She would light up a single candle. And bought some candies and ground nuts and place them in two different bowls. And she told me:

"Ting, let's pray to God to bless this day"

I don't remember what she said that day, but I remember she told me that I am not allowed to peek or open my eyes during the prayer. And she also said that after we say AMEN, there will be a very big and bright star hung above the skies.

And true enough, we opened our eyes and looked up..and there it was, a very big and bright star. And then she divided the candies and nuts but she always give me the most.

Till today, I fondly remembered this moment in history. Now looking forward, my girls are the best of friends. Just like my sister Winnie and me. One of the most important reasons I wanted to have a 2nd child was to have Natasha had a sister, someone she could relate to..a best friend that grew up with her.

My sister had to give up alot of things in life for me. She started work the moment she left Secondary School. And went to support herself to learn shorthand and typing and trained to be a secretary. She wanted a better life for herself. And she worked very hard to achieve that.

And whatever I wanted, I always get it. I never had to work very hard for it. And she spoiled me just the same. She would do things for me. Helped me in every way she could. I would tell Benny about my sister. How much she loved me when we were very young. She never teased me and protected me. She only started to tease me more when we were older. When she knew I could handle her jokes.

When Beauty died, I wanted to get another dog quickly to fill that void..only she knew. Only she understood. She said to me:

"I'll bring Bambi over for you to hug and play."

Bambi is her daughter's pet chihuahua. I couldn't take that. So when I went out to get a new puppy, she found out about it and without saying anything to me, transferred money into my bank account. And said "its my gift to you"

When I quit my job in 2003, I didn't have a job that earns me a regular salary. It means no more year end bonus to look forward to. No more perks in life like vacations abroad. She would quietly transfer money to my bank account and then send me an sms to tell me about it. The often excuse she had was :

"I saved money to give to people I think needed it most. And I thought of you today"

When we wanted to open Kitchen Capers store, she came to offer again.

If anyone deserves an Award of "Being There and Everywhere", she would get it. Because she deserves it. If anyone should tell me about sibling rivalry, I would tell them "Sorry, I don't know what that means. Because my sister and me loved each other very much."

Share your love..not just to your better half. To your sibling...

God Bless you..

End of Part 2..


braquiplan said...

mmm.. so old that song video, but it still sound nice

Gina Choong said...

After not listening it for such a long time, its refreshing to hear him sing again. :)

phoebeluv said...

oh, i love donny and marie's song...thank you for posting this.

Joy said...

Gina, I love this post ... it is a blessing to have a caring and protective sis. I am the youngest sis to my sis and bro, and I feel blessed in every ways. Nice to read this!