Apr 3, 2010

Love Is...Part 11

Do you ever have a friend who was close to you, that you could relate or confide to in many things? I bet all of us have someone like that. But seriously, do you have someone who is of the opposite sex who was a close friend with whom you tell most secrets to? And still have a normal, healthy relationship with your spouse?


I have just started work in an big MNC. My boss entrusted me to start the department for her without any help from the local office. Except, she thinks that TSS would be able to guide me through the process.

When I first met him, I almost felt like fainting..okay, its not he is a dashing young man, single and very handsome. But he looked like Sidney!..yes, Sidney. Of all the people, he has to have that slight resemblance with my ex. After a while, I realised that these are 2 different persons.

After the initial shock, TSS and I were able to relate to each other very well. For some unknown reason(s), which till today, I haven't quite figure it out. But he and I could talk about anything under the sun, laughed about it and I could tease him as much as I want and he would giggle.

But he wasn't a mystery man to Benny. Benny knew about TSS. Because I would tell Benny everything. Even the part that I thought he looked like Sidney. But Benny knew me well enough to trust me. He was never jealous or showed he was. Sometimes when I had to go out with TS-san after work, I would ring Benny and tell him I will be home late. And I would tell him I am going with TSS and the other colleagues. We would be going for food, then for drinks at Boat Quay.

Amongst all my colleagues, the joke was TSS was nicknamed as "Gina's Boyfriend". To today, whenever he visited Singapore, my ex-boss will ring me and say :

"Gina, your boyfriend is in town!"

TSS was a special boyfriend or friend you must say. He is still single(anyone out there reading my blog, can ask me for his email...). And also the same age with Benny.

We became very close and TSS would confide to me all the things he feared most, the things he loved most and all the joys and happiness he has. Each year, he would send me a 3 cards. One for Chinese New Year, one for my birthday and one for Christmas/New Year. Over time, due to the distance, he would send me e-cards to save the Earth.

Once, TSS ask me this :

"Gina, my dearest... do you have a sister?

"Yes..but sorry, she is already married."

"oh..! I know you don't believe in reincarnation. But if you do come back as yourself, would you consider...."

I didn't give him a chance to finish his sentence because I knew what he wanted to say. And I told him

"TSS, no. I will always find Benny and will only marry him. No one else. And you will always be my bestest of best friends. Always special to me."

And I also ask him :

"TSS, are you having feelings for me? Please don't. I don't want to lose a special friend. Because I will never strayed. I know you are lonely and needed someone to fill that void. But to be honest with you, our relationship cannot progress further because you never loved me. What you loved me for was a friend. Because I can understand you. And how you feel of things. You can be yourself, let down your hair(figure of speech!), and still get away with it without having me misunderstanding your every move. "

TSS had a very sad past with his ex girlfriend. Something that left such a deep impact on him that he stop dating altogether. Until he met me, he was still doing his single life style. And meeting different people from different places(due to the work we do), he couldn't open up as much. He was a quiet man and kept to himself all the time.

But the surprisingly thing happened when we met.

As my boss once put it abruptly :
"When Harry meets Sally, alas, we have TSS who meets Gina..."

TSS opened up to me..pouring out everything. When I listened to his story, I had to admit that I cried too.

Its nice to have someone like TSS to talk to. Someone who is the opposite sex. Because there are times when Benny acted in a certain way or manner that I don't get it. Because of the love i have for Benny, I just accept him. But its nice to know how a man 'work' or 'think'. So its nice to hear from another man. I believe all men are made the same..!

So in many ways, God put different people in our lives to help us grow in all facades, all perspectives. Not to slow us down or hurry us along. But more for us to learn and be an inspiration to all around us.

TSS and I have a very special relationship. Benny understands that. Its not easy to have such a relationship with another man when you are married.

My special friendship with TSS was never something we kept silent about. Everyone who worked with us, knew us and our 'relationship'. So much so it became an office joke to address him as "Gina's boyfriend" or "TSS' Girl friend". At work, we looked like "lovers", but in a healthy way. No kissing or hanky panky or running off after work alone. Everything we do together are often done in a group. We all laughed and joked openly.

I remembered in June 2007, my ex-boss went to Hong Kong for a business conference. She met up with TSS and he took her out. She rang me on her mobile phone and said :

"Gina, I am in Hong Kong now with your boyfriend"

I couldn't help but felt amused by it. When I told Benny, he said the next time I go to Hong Kong, I should meet up with TSS on a date and ring my ex boss instead.

Love..that he had for me all these years and the amount of trust he had for me. In 2008, he took us all to Hong Kong and reminded me that if I need to go dating TSS, I should. He will bring our girls out while I go and meet TSS..

Now you see...why I loved Benny so much..

End of Part 11...

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Passionate About Baking said...

Your love story is truly touching. It's really good to know that both of you can acoomodate, trust, understand each other so well. I agree that your spouse is the most important person in your life, not your children actually. Your children belongs to the outer circle. It's your spouse that belongs in the same circle as you. I love the way you write your love story. :)