Aug 15, 2008

As I lay me down to sleep

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray dear Lord, my soul to keep
If I should go before I wake
I pray dear Lord, my soul to take

A poem that was crafted on a wooden plaque, my late cousin Michael Lam gave it to me many Christmases ago. I kept that with me for many years until I got married and had a home of my own.

And I hung this wooden plague in one of the rooms. And when we moved house, it followed us to our new home too. And again, wiping away dirt with a damp cloth, I would again hung it up in the room.

And so often it reminded me to pray for my family, for their safety, whether its at home or when they are at work, at school or on the roads outside. That our dear Lord would keep them safe from harm. And should they leave me suddenly, God will bring them home with Him.

Then one day some 2 months ago, I had a terrible back ache and I went to the next room and ask my hubby to give me a neck massage. He left this room where the wooden plague was hung. It was the 2nd room in our house. Hubby slept in this room while I slept with Melody. After which I told him its very late (past midnight), he should be in bed. And he went back to the room, turn off the TV, and the lights. As he sat down on the bed, suddenly there was a loud thundering sound..BANNGGGGG!!

I run out of my room and into his..he turn on the lights..and guess what..the whole wall cabinet that was above the TV came crashing down. It hit the bed missing him only less than 1 inch. Almost in shock, he and I, it woke up the whole family.

See this photo..where I have marked out a red box with a X..that's where the cabinets used to be. In front of the TV, that's where he was sitting just 10 minutes before it crashed down.

At that moment, I could only think of one thing and that was to say to God : Thank you for keeping him safe again.

It left us still in shock and unable to sleep. But we are still ever so thankful that God answered our daily prayers to keep us safe from harm.

Have you prayed lately, my friends? Did you ask God for good weather so you can go to the beach? Or ask God to let you pass your exam paper with flying colours? Or ask God to 'speak' to your boss so you have a good raise this year?

I have. And I prayed everyday. And my prayer is always the same.

Health for everyone I know
Safety for my family because I cannot see the future. I prayed that God watches them for me and keep them safe from harm.
That I can help someone in a small way, whenever I can.

If you have not been praying..its about time now..

Let's pray...


Sandra said...

Very inspirational. Tks

gina said...

Sandra, thank you!

Cookie said...

Gina, it is literary thank God that keeping a lookout for you and your family. Stay Well.