Aug 31, 2008

Lil girls' night out

School holidays just started and Melody's already had it all planned. She will be going to one of her classmates' home for a slumber party and will be back on Tuesday morning next week. Together with two other classmates. The parent of the host will drop by to fetch her. Looks like she's all packed and ready to leave.

And I promised her some cupcakes for her friends and their family.

This is what I woke up early to bake this morning..Dessicated Coconut with Nutella Chocolate cupcakes..topped with fresh cream that is tinted pink and flavoured with cherry oil.

now I have some peace at home to start repacking my stuff. Carpenter Chan told me he will be coming on Wednesday to fix up the new cabinets in my master bedroom. And here I go again, packing stuff into boxes and moving it into another room.

And when he has done his job, its another day or 2 that I have to spend moving it back!

Thankfully, this will be the last till I saved up enough to re do the rest of the house!

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