Aug 11, 2008

Most Blessed wishes to..

...Kitchen Capers! From a fellow KC member who was staying in USA. She wanted so much to visit me and meet me in person. She is here for a week to visit her families in Singapore. And bought me gifts from USA.

Actually from this stash, she also gave me a Cupcake cookbook..forgot to add to the lot for a good photo.

She said Thank you to me, for keeping KC alive, for preserving our Asian heritage thru cooking and baking. And my endless energy to encourage everyone to bond with family and friends.

This is what she got for me...

Thank you SN, for your encouragement too. Its everything I wanted and more. Thank you too, for letting me know I have done the right thing to carry on letting KC run for life. As there were moments I wondered if I should shut down KC as the costs of running it is high.


Sandra said...

What wonderful gifts Gina! I am so happy for you.
Do unto others what u will others do unto you.
See Gina, you are such a giving person, your time, talents, gifts, love, advise and then you get back from others. Wonderful isn't it.
I love you too my Christian sister,
Enjoy the gifts!

gina said...

Sandra, thank you. I wasn't expecting this. Although she told me that she has gotten me something. I thought it was just some snacks from USA. It was a pleasant surprise.