Aug 12, 2008

Remembering uncle Daniel

Just out of the blue, I was thinking of dear uncle Daniel Chen. Who passed away in January 2006. After a long illness, he finally went back to God. I remembered he came back to Singapore with Auntie and visited us for a month. He shared many testimonies about life and about with God.

Before he left for home in USA, I wrote him a very long letter. About 6 pages. Though many parts of the letter are private to all, some are worth sharing with everyone.

Uncle served in the chinese church in USA for several years. He was an inspiration to many chinese immigrants who re settled in USA.

Uncle Daniel,

The Lord is my Shepherd. I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED.
So any more, He is blessing me with abundance.
And any less, He is teaching me to be contented with what I haave.

I wanted to tell you this:

1. That your life with Christ has impacted my life with Christ from a very young age.
2. That your love for me has taught me to love everyone without cause
3. That your many testimonies over the years has helped me to keep track of myself and my walk with God
4. and when I think that God is impossible to get along with, or my prayers seem to go unanswered, I see God making a miracle with your life.


This photo is taken by his daughter, Jenny. Seen here is Jenny's son, Nathan.

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