Aug 6, 2008

Melody's Rainbow Tang Yuan

Melody started going into the kitchen to want to learn to bake when she was barely 3 years old. That was when my mom was alot healthier, stronger and she was mixing the kueh bangkit dough(coconut cookies). My dad had that early moments video taped but I haven't figure out how to upload it online. Its so funny now to watch her hovering around the table and asking my mom this:

"po po, I want to make kueh bang tek" She couldn't pronounced very well back then.

Then at home, she wanted to make Tang Yuan with me. So I created this recipe just for her little hands and named the dish

Melody's Rainbow Tang Yuan

It is also a wonderful time to bond with your child. So I hope all you moms and dads out there do something with your little ones..before they grow up.

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Yuri said...

hey gina, thanks for the idea! maybe experiment mooncake with my dd and ds? hmm...