Aug 26, 2008

A Child's Play

Melody ask me to help her to bake some cupcakes to bring to school. For Teacher's Day celebration today. So I baked 10 Nutella Cupcakes last night. Waited for her to come back from my mom's place and taught her to cut fondant and decorate each one for her teachers.

This is what she did:

I hope the teachers enjoy the cakes. She had reserved one for her Principal too! Good Girl!


Cookie said...

As they always say, it runs in the family :-) Very pretty cupcakes!

Way to go girl!

Halimah said...

Wow! She's very creative and has a good sense of colour!

Keep it up!

vivwychia said...

Lucky teachers... BTW, which flower cutter did she use for 4th picture, the one with orange & blue flowers? So pretty. Thanks, viv

gina said...

vivwychia, that's a fluted cutters. Comes in a set of 6 cutters. I got it from Sun Lik at $9.00 ++. The markings are made with the fondant tools I am selling.

Sandra said...

Like mother like daughter. She is really creative in her decoration. I love the decor and colours.