Aug 12, 2008

The spirit of Giving : Teaching a child to give

I used to serve in my church's Sunday School for some years. Until the birth of my children. I stopped. But I still shared my insights on how I teach my own kids about giving tithes and giving to the less fortunate.

This is an article I wrote several years ago at a Christian forum. Sharing it here with everyone:

We know all about giving tithes to God and giving to His ministry. It is easier to tell an adult why we need to give. And also easier to explain.

But to a child, explaining sometimes does not work. For a child does not see the world in our adult way. Until we learn to see it their way, it is difficult to teach a young child to walk in God's paths.

I shared this yesterday in Sunday School. And everyone knod their heads and agreed. So often, we give our kids money to give to often do we ask them to take from their piggy banks or pocket money to give to God?

When my daughter was 2 years old(now she's 3 years old), I would take a plastic bag and ask her to pick out her best and favourite toys to give to Sunday School. At first, she was reluctant as these were her favourites. I started this small, with 1 or 2 of her favourites. Yesterday, she took out a big Robinson's shopping bag and put all her favourite Winnie the Pooh toys into it. She said.."give to Jesus". When she sees that the other children in SS screamed with delight in her toys, she feels really good inside. I told her that Jesus loves a cheerful giver.

This is the way to start out when they are young. With my oldest daughter now 11 years old, I did the same with her too. Now she gives her time to church by ushering and also by giving her pocket money to overseas ministries.

Start them when they young..but it is not easy to preach the Gospel in adult forms to a child. That is why I find the Children's Ministry such a challenge in my walk with God.

God Bless all..

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